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Daniel & Glooko

Daniel & Glooko



The Company
The simple idea of connecting blood glucose devices to a mobile device has taken Glooko on a journey that encompasses the entire diabetes hardware and software space. From integrating diabetes devices across the largest manufacturers to building software that provides an in-depth and innovative look into patient data.

Employee Size
My start 2013: 10
My departure 2016: 40+



Deeply Involved
Touching every part of the company from pixel perfect design to product ideation, user testing, prototyping, copy writing, video, photography, and more.

Consistent Voice
Dedication to keeping a consistent design voice throughout all products, whether it’s marketing or Android apps.

As the team grew my responsibilities included working with external designers, one junior designer and many new employees that needed help with Glooko design best practices.









Using stock images in a sea of other device and software companies made the early Glooko website look generic, and rarely would they translate the message of our complex product. I invested time into taking photography that was on point with out brand, didn't look generic and made our web and print material look professional.



Start-ups need to get the word out. Whether it was creating in clinic pamphlets or large banners for important conferences making sure Glooko didn't look like just another medical company was important. Wherever we went I made sure Glooko looked like the future of diabetes technology.



Finding the best ways to educate users on how to use the Glooko system was a big part of my responsibilities. Because of the amount of third party hardware Glooko integrates with we needed great ways of making sure each user understood their particular case.  After creating printed pamphlets and in app walk throughs, we saw the biggest uptake in learnability with video tutorials. I shot and edited tutorials so when our users were syncing their blood glucose meters for the first time it would be as simple as watching a video.


iOS, Android & Web Apps

The Glooko software platform spans one iPhone app, one iPad app, one Android app, one Android tablet app, one web platform for viewing large patient populations and individual patient data. As the Lead Designer of Glooko I was responsible for every single one of them.